Hiring. Tech-enabled. Faster.

Unlike recruitment agencies, we are tech-first. Our assessment is curated by subject matter experts. We test for the ability to build in your target stack, hosted on our homegrown assessment platform.

Test for job-ready skills

We go a step further for quality by conducting assessments on our automated platform similar to take-home assignments.

Hire with speed and precision

Our subject matter expertise in hiring ensures you get the potential hires from the get-go.

Sign up and start interviewing immediately.

Vet candidates from your existing pipeline

Our assessment platform can handle scale and conduct tech screening rounds for you. You can use our assessment platform to host a take-home assignment of your liking and move from 100s of applications to 5 potential hires FAST.

Fully Automated

Candidate Friendly

Granular Evaluation

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Build your recruitment pipeline from scratch

Conduct a recruitment campaign end to end with us.

Bring out company culture

Attract the best candidates by reworking your branding.

Rethink your hiring process

Get a fresh perspective on your current recruitment efforts.

Automate take-home tests

Save the hassle of manually checking 100s of assignments.

Grow your candidate pool

Use our social media distribution for wider outreach.