Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I get placed without a degree degree by making 5 projects and writing 3 blogs?


I am a BCA Graduate. Am I eligible for this?


Can I mention group projects in which I had major contributions?

We prefer solo projects. However, if you have the source code and the ownership of the corresponding database (if any), we are open to consider that (but only one or two).

Can I apply after 30th April?

The current application window closes on 15th May.

Are backend projects important?

No, backend projects are not important as we focus on React developer roles.

Are tests mandatory in all the apps?

No, tests are not required.

Can I make an API as one of the projects?

You definitely can! Think about the extra things you can do in the project. Write tests for your API. Write good documentation.

Do I need to think of an entirely new idea?

No, you're not being judged for innovation so it's perfectly fine to create a clone of an existing app. But you'll be judged on the complexity of your code, so use your judgment and clone Tinder instead of a calculator.

Can I submit old projects?

Yes. Note that you can only submit 5 projects so use the slots wisely.

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