Our Manifesto

We're changing how interviews work in our tech industry.

Hiring is broken! It's been that way as non-developers are running it.

One has to “prepare” for interviews, which results in people getting stuck at their current workplaces. Also, recruiters give a lot more emphasis on degree/college rather than hands-on skills while screening. And oh, the dreaded ds/algo rounds!

It’s a chicken-and-egg problem. To influence the criteria for hiring, you also need to provide companies with developers who have good technical skills but don’t have a degree / not from a Tier-1 college / not good in ds/algo.

It’s time for developers to step in, and fix it once and for all.

Here are our tenets:

1. Keep our offering accessible to everyone.

2. Do away with DS/Algo interviews and move to real-world problems. The utopian case would be that a potential candidate need not “prepare” for an upcoming interview.

3. Treat the number of people placed as the north-star metric.

Within 1 year, our vision is to build a brand that can influence interview processes in major companies.

We are a team of developers with the required domain-expertise to do this. We understand the problems first-hand and have the reach with other startup founders and companies. Keep an eye on how our roc8 takes everyone by storm!

- Swapnil (Mar 10, 2021)